TRIO PLUS ONE está formado los británicos Peter Guscott (Contrabajo/Bajo eléctrico) con una larga carrera profesional que lo ha llevado por todo el mundo actuando junto a músicos como Ted Beaumont, Eddie Thompson, Mattie Ross, Tony Lee, Martin Blackwell, John Haller, Max Britton, Ernie Cranen-Burgh, Alan Jackson, Buzz Green, Martin Drew, Gerry Fuller, Dick Morrisey, Duncan Lamont, Bill Skeat, Chris Dean y muchos mas….. Paul Evans (Trompeta/Ciscornio) ha tocado con los legendarios British Big Band, Eric Delaney y Dennis Lotus… Residente en España hace años es habitual colaborador de Perico Sambeat, Sole Jiménez y la SedaJazz y Malcolm Cliff (Piano), ha pasado su vida profesional en Londres trabajando con los mejores jazzmen británicos: Art Thiemans, Don Rendell, Jack Emblow, Tommy Whittle, Yaris Carmelo, Kenny Baker, Dave Green, Peter Morgan, Bill Le Sage, etc.Por último, Jeff Jerolamon (Batería), natural de New Jersey (USA), es un viejo conocido de la afición valenciana por residir en esta tierra hace años y por colaborar en multitud de proyectos junto a los mejores músicos locales aunque a su vez ha trabajado con grandes nombres como Joe Henderson, Junio Cook; Steve Marcus, Johnny Griffin, Wallace Roney. Jimmy Owens, Jack Walrath, Ken Peplokski, Kenny Davern, Tal Farlow, Herlo Ellis, Harvey Swatz. Lynn Seaton, George Cables o la gran orquesta de Count Basie bajo la dirección de Frak Foster.
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"Rhythmic syncopated improvised music of American black origin".
Leonard Bernstein dubbed it : "The only original American art form".
Throughout its revolution many have attempted to define, categorise  and describe this form of music. I believe this to be an impossible task as Jazz, one hundred years on, is still in its infancy and incorporates many musical forms, facets and disciplines.
With this CD, I have attempted to create a balance. With a light-hearted and sometimes tongue-in-cheek approach I’ll admit, but hopefully this may instill in the listener, a pleasant mixture of feelings and emotions.
There is a touch of Latin as in Bossa for Sir Les Patterson and a leaning towards a gentle soft rock during the sixteen bar repeat in Asso Beulb.
The tune Paul’s piece is in 5/4, where Jeff plays lovely drum solos as intro and outro.
In Ballad for Ru, Paul plays his flugelhorn dare I say, like a fallen angel.
There are swingers, a waltz and a wonderful solo piano track, Malcolm’s own interpretation of Stella by starlight. This is guaranteed to make anyone smile.
You are the one, when written, was intended to be a little on the sad side, but the melody and mood occasionally suggesting a glimmer of hope on the horizon. When we were sorting through the material for this recording I had actually crossed this off the list, but Paul, in his inimitable way said, "let’s have a go at that". I am so pleased he did, he makes his trumpet cry, chuckle, laugh and weep!
This is a mixed bag of standards and lesser known originals arranged and played a little differently.
I hope you enjoy it.
Peter Guscott