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Towards the end of March Fernando Burnet rang to say that he would be giving a practical electro-acoustic class to students at Alicante University, and to ask if I would be interested in doing some recording. I jumped at the chance!
We had to fix a date for early May and I started thinking about what to record and, more especially, who with. I considered all the possible combinations, all attractive, but the days went by and I still hadnīt come to a decision.  I thought about setting up different combos and recording numbers with each of them. At the beginning of April we agreed on dates, the 12th and
13th of May, and all at once I knew what I had to do. The 11th was my 50th birthday and I would have a party and record some of my own compositions. I put out a few feelers to see who was available and then set to sorting out papers and working on notes made earlier. It was going to be an informal session, with no plans for a disc.
By Monday evening the following musicians were assembled: Fabio, Esteve, RamÚn and Paul, and on Tuesday the rest arrived: Latino, Carlitos, JosŤ Luis and Pier. It was a privilege and a joy to get them all together.
I'd like to thank them all for this present, and for their unconditional support and good company. I would also like to extend my thanks to Juan Mungia and  Vicente Espi for their invaluable contribution of an earlier recording and, especially to Fernando Brunet for his whole-hearted dedication to the project. To my brother Emili for his constant encouragement, and to his friends and mine, Javier IbŗŮez and Xavier Montsalvatje, for their enthusiasm and selfless contribution. To my sister Nýria for being always ready to help, to my parents who have loved me for fifty years, and to my partner and my son, whom I love most of all.