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"Paul is an accomplished musician. A student of the Royal Academy and an enviable scholarship to the Guildhall, he has played with some great musicians and some poor ones. But the poor ones looked and sounded better when he played."
Jon Clokie
This CD holds a mix of moods and feelings with sounds stemming from Australian, Morocco and India. Another source of inspiration comes from some of the talented Valenciano musicians who I've been playing with over the years.

Después de Fernando Brunet me da la oportunidad a hacer una grabación empezó a pensar sobre el concepto de Answers on a postcard. El nombre del título y los temas en general han venido de mis experiencias viajando y están motivados por el tiempo tocando con una variedad de músicos mundiales. Esta CD tiene una mezclar de sentimientos y ambiente que dan recuerdos de Australia, Marrueco y India. Otra motivación muy grande ha sido de los músicos Valencianos con quien tocaba durante los años.
Answers on a Postcard
After being given the opportunity to record an album with Fernando Brunet, I began to think about the concept of Answers on a postcard. The name of the title and the general theme has come from my experiences whilst travelling and the inspiration of playing with a variety of local musical cultures.